Hey! We are Kasia and Celina, a full time mom and a fashion designer, both of us were born and breed on the seaside. Our common paths and passions let to combining forces and creating kids’ clothing brand aligned with our values to bring joy to us and to you.
Its heart belongs to Tricity. The SEASIDE STORY and its ideas were born here. The coast inspires us by its nature and values it brings – freedom, honesty, and authenticity. Our goal is you to see these values in our clothing, so that they give you freedom and let you explore the world and yourself.
Once we share our products with you, they become your story too – thats how SEASIDE STORY begins. You give them a brand new life a unique character, to write their own story. We would be delighted by you sharing the story on social media with a hashtag #wearseaside.

Sea is an inspiration to us, which is a synonymous of freedom towards which we are all equal. EVERY COLOR IS EQUAL - our slogan is an encouragement to celebrate equality and diversity. It stands for tolerance, self-awareness, and self-development. We don’t want to break stereotypes, as they just don’t exist in our world. Therefore, there is no division in the clothing we create. We design our clothes, so they provide freedom of movement as well as freedom to be yourself. Our colours allow you to express your personality, because only what comes from the heart is authentic.

Wear seaside. Wear equality.

Our products are proudly manufactured in Poland. All steps of our clothing design, the creation and its implementation takes places in Poland. We work with local entrepreneurs on the production of packing, labelling, and design printing. Moreover, we collaborate with local artists on the inner experience of the packaging. Follow our social media profiles to find out more.

The composition of our knitwear is 90% high-quality cotton and 10% polyester - which by no means is of warring. The polyester mesh which is located in the middle of the non-touching layer of the knitted fabric plays an important role in the clothing. It holds its shape and holds up to frequent use, which is of importance for the little ones. The outer layers are made of highest quality cotton that wrap the skin around to ensures gentleness what makes it feel so soft to the touch. Even after many washes our SEASIDE STORY tracksuits can be enjoyed the same way thanks to the anti-pilling finish we have used. The high quality has been approved by our little testers.


We have committed to be reliable both in private and professional life, therefore honesty is of importance to us while running the brand. After every purchase you will be provided with a link, which will allow you see the production costs. If you have any additional questions or inquires feel free to contact us.

Many hugs,
Kasia i Celina
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